Magazyn RTV 2019

Embarking on a new magazine about art in the world of overproduction may give rise to some ethical doubts. Why do we need yet another magazine, even if it is not printed, saving forests, but a virtual one, displayed on screens thanks to the poisonous coal energy? Why do we need another platform feeding us with pieces of news we do not have time to digest?

Here is why— to make space for absolute anxiety, fear and doubts of female critics in the world that is finished; DIY-critics, seamstress-critics who value simple and practical solutions more than technologically advanced haute couture theories. They do not pretend to know solutions to pains annoying us. They try to sew a thermal patchwork for the century that lost its shape out of the off-cuts from the idea-uniforms measured for the 20th century needs. Critics of the RTV Magazine earn their money by providing various services. They collect the materials for texts, covers and thought constructions in the dumping grounds – the acropolis of our civilization. They live in the epoch, in which the cultural recycling acquires deeply ethical dimensions, which boosts the value of packaging, rubbish and destruction. The politics of identity without real action, and gallery minimalism are for them like high-heels from Balenciaga – pretentious and rich. Our critics cannot afford them. For them far more important is the art of survival, building houses resistant to drought and hurricanes, warm clothes for everyone and feminist materialism.

In opposition to those managerial activities, DIY and servicing encourage us to participate in the events, which from the information overflow on the topic of the crumbling shape of the world allow us to accumulate practical knowledge.

Servicing means taking responsibility for co-creating a theoretical, artistic and critical platform. This is a repair dictated by the provision of care towards our near and far environment, where the burning issue is in sharing the living space and restricting the production. It is about working out how and with whom we want to sew a zip, what I mean here is building local coalitions and global agreements. In opposition to some post-modern views, which dramatically relativises the reality, we would like to propose the strategies related to grasping the reality. We believe that science and art not only turn towards intuition, survival instinct and some non-human factors, but also above all to the sense of humor and irony.

The female tailors-DIY-critics will put together and demount the platform of RTV Magazine. Here, everything is needed. The expiry date is postponed. All dialectics on plastic and bio rubbish shall be punched into the wall of servicewomen’s workshop.

Text by Zofia nierodzińska and Ewelina Jarosz

Translation: Ela Wysakowska-Walters


Magazine cover in dark pink on a white background. The picture on the front page shows a young man throwing a stone. Behind him are people running away in panic. Second page of the magazine with table of contents. A page with the editorial text A page with an essay and a graphic in pink with a writing: Be quiet eat soup A page with two black and white photos The last page of the magazine with an editorial footer and a photo of a man cooking soup outside. description A side with an essay A side with an essay and a photo of a hend holding a small seashell