I am Zofia nierodzińska, I was born in 1985 in Łomża, a medium-sized town in Podlasie in eastern Poland, as my mother's second or third child: I have a twin sister and it is unclear which of us was born first. In the spring of 1985, Poland was still one of the socialist countries and no one could have predicted that in four years the communist system would collapse and that we would have to adjust our life realities to the rules of capitalism at an accelerated pace. Between 2000 and 2005, I attended an art high school in Nałęczów. I then studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. I painted mainly figures of young people whose gender was not clearly defined. I read Judith Butler's 'Gender Trouble... ', just translated into Polish by Krytyka Polityczna, and tried to understand my situation as a female person in a strictly Catholic, turbo-capitalist post-Soviet society at the beginning of the 21st century.

After graduating from the academy in Poznan, ending a four-year relationship and winning a prize in a 'young Polish artists' competition, I moved to Berlin. I studied, partying and trying to survive. I learned German and got into the MA Art in Context at the University of Arts in Berlin, graduating in 2016 with the thesis 'Materiality of Work, an Assemblage, a Brick, a Piece of Cake', in which I compared and contrasted the work I made for money in a patisserie and the one I made for symbolic reasons at an art university, for which I received credit points instead of money. I was doing activism as a member of the Auntie Basia (Ciocia Basia) collective and working on a Ph.D entitled 'Where is the Academy? Critical Institution and Science Fiction, Towards The Virtual Feminist University', which I completed in 2017 at the University of Arts in Poznan.

Just when I thought my life would forever be linked to Neukölln (Berlin), I got a job as deputy director of the Municipal Gallery Arsenal in Poznan. I moved back to Poznan and during my five and a half years at the gallery, I co-curated seven exhibitions, quite a few events, co-edited two books and a platform on art and activism called Magazyn RTV. I continued to be involved in activism, and after the Women's Strike for Reproductive Justice in 2020, I was subjected to constant repression by the Church and the Polish state. I moved back to Berlin, where I have been living since June 2022 with my partner and a dog.

In 2022 I have received a research scholarship from the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa for the publication "Politics of (In)Accessibility" and in 2023 a research grant from Goethe-Institut Belgium for a one-month stay in Ljubljana at the Igor Zabel's archive. Between January and June 2023 I was working as a co-editor of the Theatertreffen-Blog and curator of the programme for young cultural critics. I paint, write and curate. I edited the publication 'Politics of (In)Accessibility', which was published in October 2023. Recently I have been working on the residency-gathering project with alpha nova&galerie futura in Berlin, an exhibition at the Galeria WY in Łódź, and on the book 'Affinity Institution'.

I am a member of AICA , n-ost, and bbk berlin.

This is a portrait photo of Zofia nierodzińska, who is a female person, shown from her shoulders to the top of her head. She is wearing a black t-shirt. She has blonde, long hair. She is in her early thirties. The background is in a plain light pink colour.
Zofia nierodzinska. Photo: Katarzyna Wąsowska