Politics of (In)Accessibility. Life of a Pine Tree

Performative reading at Lady Liberty Library

Participants: Hanna Liashenko, Zofia nierodzinska, Richard Pettifer and Anna Siekierska

During the gathering at Lady Liberty Library, we will read the text contributions from the publication “Politics of (In)Accessibility”, among them the essay “Pine Tree” by Anna Siekierska with the author and as a collective.

The issue of accessibility is approached from the perspective of the pine tree as we understand it.
The ordinary pine tree is subjected to regimes of rapid production and practices that objectify it, leaving it no space to grow. We want to talk about the process of active withdrawal as a practice related to accessibility. We leave behind an activity based on the desire to maintain control and dominance and instead engage in a practice of active listening and mutual support. In the forest, disasters such as a storm that breaks trees can be an opportunity for the whole ecosystem to slowly recover. The role of humans in this situation would be to do as little as possible.

The publication is a continuation of the exhibition, which took place in 2022 at the Arsenal Municipal Gallery in Poznan, and aims to explore the issue of accessibility and disability as experienced by those living in Central and Eastern Europe. The texts collected in the book reflect the realities of the authors’ lives. These realities are largely influenced by their place of residence and the associated sense of (in)security.

All texts are translated into German, Polish, and Ukrainian, as well as Polish Easy Language. They are available as an e-book and an audiobook.

Hosted by editor: Zofia nierodzinska and librarian: Nina Prader
co-organized with Galeria Miejska Arsenal

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Photos by Anita Kopylenko