Review of the exhibit “Politics of (In)Accessibilities, Citizens with Disabilities and Their Allies” at Galeria Miejska Arsenał in Poznan, by Paweł Leszkowicz


“In Search of Accessibility, in Search of Love”

“The ‘Politics of (in)accessibility’ exhibition proved to be important not only because of the exhibition itself, but also because of the accompanying debate, dedicated to art and visual culture dealing with the issue of disability. The Arsenal Gallery in Poznan presents artists who are people with disabilities or who address the subject of disabilities in their art — so they are collaborative allies.

Participants in the exhibition include Pamela Bożek, the Bojka Diving Collective, Daniel Kotowski, Grupa Nowolipie, Paulina Pankiewicz and Grzegorz Powałka, Joanna Pawlik, Rafał Urbacki, Karolina Wiktor, Liliana Zeic, Katarzyna Żeglicka and Artur Żmijewski. Among those mentioned are people with visual or hearing impairments, aphasia, experiencing alternative mobility and facing cognitive challenges.

nierodzińska’s project is about acceptance, empathy and therapy through art and love. The exhibition is presented on two levels. The introduction to both parts are large portrait photographs with erotic potential. This is not reductive, however, as the eroticism here is a deliberate strategy of affirmation. The affective eroticisation stands for empowerment”. (…)

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