he appeal of the cultural community on the situation on the eastern border of the Republic of Poland 


We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the illegal and inhumane “push-back” practices used by the Polish Border Guard. People in a desperate situation, fleeing war and violence, are demanding support from the Polish state, and we have an obligation to provide it. We appeal for immediate help for those in need, for medics to be allowed in, and for all individuals and organisations that are able to find people wandering in the forests and save them from death. At this point we would like to point out that we fully support the efforts of the Granica (Border) Group. We do not agree with the dehumanising and insulting way in which displaced people are portrayed by the Polish authorities and associated media. There is a humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border that requires immediate intervention. We appeal to the international community and in particular to human rights organisations for support. We demand compliance with the Geneva Convention and, above all, that human lives be saved.


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