MAGAZYN RTV in print!

Standard 2021

Redakcja / Editorial Board: Zofia nierodzińska, Kinga Mistrzak, Martyna Miller, SISTRUM (Monika Rak, Agnieszka Małgowska, Maja Korzeniewska), Inga Zimprich, Jacek Zwierzyński

Projekt graficzny / Graphic design: Irek Popek

Wydawca / Publisher: Galeria Miejska Arsenał w Poznaniu

Miejsce i rok wydania / Place and year of publishing: Poznań 2021

Oprawa / Cover: brak / non

Ilustracje / Illustrations: czarno-białe i kolorowe / b&w, color

Format / Dimensions:  29 x 39 cm

Ilość stron / Number of pages: 48

ISBN/EAN: 9788361886945

There is no escape from the catastrophe, so, as Donna Haraway postulates, we have to stay with the trouble, that is, learn to live with it. After the pandemic more challenges are likely to come; economic, political, ecological crises. Human history teaches us that every generation faced a challenge they were unable to prepare for: colonization, witch-hunt, World War I and II, Transformation, ecological disaster, and now the pandemic. Magic can help to overcome powerlessness, be a tool of emancipation that breaks the regime of patriarchal rationality enforcing the absurd separation of man and nature. In her essay “Three Ecologies In The World of Climate Crisis (And Coronavirus)”, Aleksandra Jach writes about the revision of values brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic which does not wait for consensus, agreements, summits and negotiations, but requires a change in the way of living right now. This is not the time for a peaceful Lenten reflection, contrary to what Bruno Latour writes in his quarantine essay: “Is This a Dress Rehearsal?” published by Critical Inquiry. The problem is not this particular virus, but the centuries-old patriarchal-capitalist exploitation that causes a constant threat to life, not only human life. It is time for a radical and necessary change in the way we perceive what a community is, for a re-evaluation of paradigms, so that the future will not be a repetition of an authoritarian nightmare, but a story of the emancipation of many from the oppression of few.

May it be now!

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