Political Nature: Philosopher, Weeds and the Magic of Engagement


Polityczna natura: filozofka, chwasty i magia zaangażowania

Discussion at the Arsenal Municipal Gallery


Surfing on the waves of the Pacific Ocean, fire victims on Malua Bay beach, aurora borealis, aurora australis, melting poles, California, silicon, smog. A cocktail of smoke and fumes clogs the throat. Mountain air heals tuberculosis. Tomatoes are a source of potassium, but pesticides cause cancer. Plastic omega 3 fish scramble in the intestines, fighting the climate depression. The world is not a place of temporary residence, a reserve of natural resources, but rather what we inhale every day, eat, throw away, what returns to us, what we are made of; it is made up of the relationship between fellow beings, human and inhuman neighbours.

During the meeting with the artists, activists and a philosopher we will try to find answers to the following questions: What will the collectives of the future look like? How to build inter-species coalitions? How to pursue politics beyond rhetoric? How to use human privileges for the common good?

We will be guided by the awareness that there is something wrong with the world we contribute to and that in order to rebuild our fractured relations with nature, with human and inhuman others, as well as with ourselves, it is necessary to think holistically. This thinking, apart from achieving goals, also anticipates their consequences. In addition to the “struggle” for the laws of nature, it may be important to actively retreat, to extinguish our engagement and to leave certain areas to themselves so that they can “go wild” freely.


Tatiana Czekalska

Leszek Golec

Diana Lelonek

Cecylia Malik

Andrzej Marzec

Anna Siekierska

moderator: Zofia nierodzińska

5 pm – tour of the exhibition Catering for the Longest-Staying Gallery Guests with the participation of the artists and the curator

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