Poznań with no evictions, exploitation, and poverty! 25 years of Rozbrat! 26.07-29.09.2019 / Arsenal Municipal Gallery




The exhibition “Poznań with no evictions, exploitation, and poverty! 25 years of Rozbrat!” is an attempt to present the multi-layered, socially, ecologically, and culturally engaged activity of the Rozbrat collective. In order to bring visitors closer to the most relevant local issues, we have divided the exhibition into eight thematic sections: tenants’ movement, workers’ movement, culture without censorship, printing matter, social feminism, environmental issues, anti-war activities, social campaigns and initiatives. Each issue is presented on a separate infographic. Additionally, zines, newspapers and brochures published by the Rozbrat collective are available on spot. The subject of the tenants’ movement is supplemented by the documentary film made during the protests against the displacement of the residents of the house at Stolarska Street and for the liquidation of a container housing estate in Poznań. In turn, workers’ matters are taken up by a film titled “Płyta/Plate”, documenting protests of Cegielski’s employees and a video referring to the collective labor dispute at Amazon.

The exhibition aims to draw attention to the issues of privatizing public space, appropriating green areas by developers, and limiting access to common areas. Rozbrat, as an important culture-creating place existing on the map of Poznań for a quarter of a century, should not disappear from it due to economic pressure and private interests.

04.09 On the links between capitalism and fascism, art and anti-fascist movements. Class solidarity rather than national solidarity




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