#2nd issue of the RTV Magazine



the second, ecofeminist issue of the RTV Magazine has just been published. You will find there essay on hydrofeminism (Karolina Majewska-Guede), meditation in Bialowieza Forest (Kuba Bąk), review from the exhibition LIVE of Tatiana Czekalska and Leszek Golec (Zofia nierodzinska), interviews with Anna Nacher and Monika Sadkowska, documentation from the ecosexual wedding of Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Volcano journey with Karolina Rojek and many more.



(from the Editorial to this issue)

The most beautiful catastrophe

The ecologists stress that we have around 20 years to stop the climate catastrophe. We already started experiencing its effects and we will feel it more and more unless we change the system based on the exploitation of people and natural resources. As Herald Welzer noticed the natural resources shall be the reason for wars in the 21st century. The growing number of people, who are troubled with the fate of Earth, seem to be divided into two dramatically different reactions. To simplify a bit: on one hand, we have activists’ actions amongst which there are many voices of an apocalyptic tone, on the other hand, the pressure of time creates space for the painful contemplation of catastrophe’s vision.


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